Alcatel-Lucent Demos LTE Sharing Capabilities at the Iowa State Fair

October 9, 2012

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The Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communications Systems Board and Alcatel-Lucent demonstrated the role of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband in enhancing the sharing of critical information between public-safety teams.

At the Iowa State Fair, public-safety representatives saw how an all IP-based LTE mobile broadband network enables fast sharing of large amounts of data and video between agencies, control centers and teams in the field. Fingerprint databases, medical files and more can be delivered to handheld and vehicle-based mobile devices in real-time.

The demonstration was conducted using Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile broadband demonstration center. This vehicle houses a self-contained end-to-end LTE network operating in the spectrum bands used for public-safety operations. The network transmitted using an LTE base station operating in band 14 using a 10-megahertz channel bandwidth in both uplink and downlink.

Patrol vehicles from Polk County Sheriff’s department and RACOM, a mission-critical communications solution provider, were equipped with band 14 modems  or receivers that can pick up an LTE signal and link it to the devices used by emergency first responders.

Multiple cameras were positioned in the mobile vehicles as well as at fixed sites inside the state fair facility. Video images were taken from the cameras as the vehicles patrolled the streets and neighborhood around the fairground and five simultaneous views were shown on monitors in the patrol cars and within the demonstration center. The demonstration showcased the high speed, low latency capabilities of an LTE network enabling large files of data as well as multiple live video images to be shared between control and patrol staff.

Jim Bogner, Iowa Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
“Through these demonstrations, we were able to show how vast amounts of information can be shared quickly among many different public-safety teams,” said Iowa Statewide Interoperability Coordinator Jim Bogner. “It is easy to see how the sharing of multiple video images can deliver the bigger picture, enhancing the safety of first responders serving the public.”

Tom Lampe, Vice Chairman of Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communications Systems Board
“The Iowa Statewide Interoperability Board is committed to promoting communications solutions for public safety and enhancing interoperability and efficiency for all public safety agencies who serve the people of Iowa. As such we are pleased to have the opportunity to show many of Iowa’s public safety representatives how commercial mobile broadband technologies can deliver exciting new applications and services for use in the field.”

Danny Rollins, Vice President of Strategic Industries, Alcatel-Lucent
“Supplementing existing ‘push to talk’ radio communications, Alcatel-Lucent’s public safety solutions using 4G LTE mobile broadband are able to deliver real efficiencies for public safety agencies around the globe. With the recent launch of our First Responder Video solution, we have given teams even greater control over the amount of information they receive and how they receive it, to further help them respond safely to any given situation.”

Click here to take a video tour of RACOM 1, an LTE loaded Dodge Charger.

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