Doug Busch: 34 years of firefighting service

December 30, 2014

RACOM employees understand the needs of our public safety agency customers — and many are first responders themselves, serving as volunteer firefighters and helping out in other ways in their communities. Doug Busch is one such employee: During the work week, he manages RACOM’s Worthington, Minnesota, service center operations. But up until last summer, Doug spent much of his spare time as a firefighter for the Lakefield Volunteer Fire Department.

In August, Doug retired after 34 years with the department, 14 of which he served as the department’s chief. Doug is proud of his service — and the hand-decorated helmet that the Lakefield crew gave him as a retirement gift.

Doug says he’ll miss his crew and the brotherhood of the department as well as the satisfaction he got from helping others — such as the time his crew responded to a gasoline tanker truck fire, which they stopped before thousands of gallons in the tanker burned.

Doug recalls another highlight of his firefighting career, when the crew performed a difficult rescue of two young girls in a house fire.
Although Doug is moving on to more relaxed leisure-time pursuits, like fishing, his crew and the community they served won’t forget the important role he played in keeping Lakefield safe.

Doug’s crew gave him a hand-decorated helmet as a retirement gift.

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