RACOM is First Certified Swissphone DiCal Solution Partner for U.S. Market

September 17, 2014

Improved coverage and reliability beyond anything that traditional analog paging systems can provide

Swissphone is happy to announce RACOM Corporation (RACOM) of Marshalltown, Iowa as the first certified Digital Paging Solution DiCal Partner for the U.S. market. Both RACOM and Swissphone are excited to offer faster, more reliable, and most of all, affordable paging solutions for firefighters and EMS in the United States.

“RACOM, with its extensive expertise in system design, installation, and support of mission critical communications solutions, is a perfect partner for Swissphone,” says Marco A. Stadler, Managing Director of North America and CMO of Swissphone.

DiCal Digital Paging Solution = better in-building reception - no backhaul infrastructure - shorter dispatch times

The DiCal Digital Paging Solution includes a network design that is specifically engineered for the indoor coverage needs of full-time, as well as volunteer firefighters and EMS. The design starts with the selection of tower sites.  Instead of climbing as high as you can and screaming as loud as you can, Swissphone has developed a better system design that uses more sites positioned at lower heights for greater in-building penetration.  In addition, a wired backhaul is not required from every site location.  This enables sites to be placed wherever they are needed, which results in an affordable design that provides better coverage with geographical overlapping among sites.  Also with this design, greater redundancy is possible if a site is temporarily down.

"Everyone who has incorporated narrowband into their paging solution has experienced a dramatic reduction in coverage and reliability.  Firefighters and EMS are finding the results to be unacceptable," states Stadler.

Digital signaling is faster and shaves valuable seconds off response times when it really counts.  In addition, text-to-speech technology enables the firefighters and EMS to also hear the alerts.

DiCal was officially launched at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) – International 2014 and Fire-Rescue International (FRI) 2014 tradeshows in August.

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK_xpfcJNU8;
Homepage: http://www.swissphone.com/solution/alerting-philosophy

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