Zetron Products Are Still a Safe Option

April 23, 2014

Zetron Products Confirmed Safe from Heartbleed

Thorough testing by Zetron Engineering has confirmed that Zetron products are NOT vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL security issues recently reported in the news. This includes Zetron products currently on the market as well as those in development. If you get inquiries about Heartbleed from your customers, you can assure them that their Zetron systems are not at risk!

What Is Heartbleed?
The Heartbleed bug is a defect that compromises the security of systems that employ certain versions of the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The defect allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of systems that utilize vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software.

Zetron’s Findings
Zetron Engineering has tested and confirmed that versions of the SSL utilized in Zetron products are not vulnerable to Heartbleed OpenSSL security issues.
This includes:

  • MAX Dispatch

  • MAX Call-Taking

  • Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) system

  • Zetron Tools

  • All Zetron legacy systems

  • Eventide recording systems

For More Information:

Zetron, Inc. · PO Box 97004, Redmond, WA 98072-9704 · Phone: 425-820-6363 · Fax: 425-820-7031 · http://www.zetron.com

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