Doris Moreno, ENP Public Safety Communications Manager

"I just wanted to let you know what a truly wonderful customer service experience we had with RACOM on Tuesday night. 

On Monday night we had a severe storm in the area and lightning damaged some phone lines in downtown Moline.  We were not aware that this caused issues with our weather sirens until later in the day.   We spoke with Braniff Communications and RACOM, and a service call was created.  Tom Holladay showed up in the early afternoon, with Pete Schaich and Brian Youngren arriving shortly afterwards.  The very quickly determined the problem was an interface for the phone lines between Centre and the Moline Central Fire Station, which had to be repaired or replaced.  They immediately found replacement parts and began the process of getting them transported here from Marshalltown.  While Tom drove to meet the other driver half way, Pete and Brian began the painstaking job of finding a work around.  They looked at every possible solution, making several trips back and forth to Moline Central Fire Station, a trip to Radio Shack, and to the RACOM shop in Moline, to find the pieces needed to make the repair.  Tom arrived with the part from Marshalltown and was here until late in the evening.  Pete and Brian stayed her until almost midnight!  They worked until the system was functional, and tests were performed to ensure operation in several jurisdictions. 

Pete and Brian missed dinner, worked non-stop, and never showed an ounce of frustration.  They were calm, reassuring, positive, and extremely dedicated!  They said they would not go home until they knew this was working, and they were true to their word. Because we had imminent storms coming in that night, they knew the importance of this repair, and they did not leave until the system worked correctly. 

I am extremely thankful for their hard work, creative problem solving abilities, and ultimate dedication to a job well done.  The citizens of Rock Island County are in good hands! 

I want you to know what wonderful, dedicated employees you have working for Racom! 

Thank you, and have a great day."

Doris Moreno, ENP

Public Safety Communications Manager

Moline, IL


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