Radio Solutions

The Four C's

Exceeding Customer Expectations in the areas of Coverage, Capability, Control and Cost. You get the best land mobile-radio system by optimizing these four C’s:


Coverage that is designed to provide extensive outdoor and indoor portable coverage where you need it. 

We Guarantee It.


All the most advanced capabilities are available, including

  • Simulcast
  • P25 Phase I and II
  • AES Encryption
  • Multi-Vendor P25 and DMR Interoperability
  • Cellular/LTE Integration and job-specific radios.


You’ll control your future; from the licensed frequencies to the radio coverage, system capacity, maintenance and upgrades so the needs of your agencies are always the priority.


Lower costs through local and national buying contracts.  Comprehensive maintenance coverage prevents unbudgeted expenses , extends useful life and reduces overall lifecycle costs.

Locally Controlled Regional Network

Locally owned/controlled P25 radio is being driven by City and County needs for coverage and control and reliability that far surpasses what any statewide network can provide.

SARA Info Sheet 

Mobile & Portable Radios

View our P25 Radios Compatible on Statewide Networks

Our standards-based approach to interoperability enables you to choose from the best manufactures:

  • L3Harris
  • Tait
  • EFJohnson
  • Kenwood

Watch: The L3Harris XL-200P

Technology Meets Service

P25, DMR and Analog Simulcast technologies are all complimented by our world class project management, implementation and support services to provide you with the best overall solution.


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