Dependable Solutions for Public Service & Utilities

Tools for those who provide the critical services that our communities rely upon every day – water, electric, gas, telephone and street services.

Radio Solutions

IP networks for DMR, SCADA and Project 25. Combined with local project management, implementation and support, the results are cost-effective solutions that meet the demanding needs of coverage and performance for voice and data communications. 

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Vehicle Upfitting

Your vehicle is like your office. We pay special care with the equipment we choose and how we organize and install it for you. These quality upfits come with a lifetime installation guarantee.

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Video Security

Integrated camera, connectivity, storage and viewing solutions to protect your assets and infrastructure.

Case Study: City of Dubuque

See how we worked with the City of Dubuque to make our streets safer!
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Tait MPT to DMR 

What makes the Tait MPT to DMR migration strategy so innovative? Flexibility. That means the priorities and the timeframe are yours. The three components of the Tait migration solution; quad-mode terminals, multi-mode IP base stations and an inter-network gateway to link them all together offer genuine flexibility and scalability, so you can migrate your way at your own pace without the need to do a forklift upgrade of your current system.

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