Complete Vehicle Upfitting

Providing a full line of products and services to completely upfit your squad car or utility vehicle.

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Emergency Lighting

Interior and Exterior Lights, Traffic Controllers, Work Area Lights, Beacons, Amber and more.  If you don't find it in our store, call for a quote.

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Best-of-the-Best Technologies

Rugged, Robust and Resilient technology backed by Reliable, Responsive and Relentless implementation and support.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Your installation is backed by RACOM's lifetime guarantee.  Get it done, and get it done right!

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RACOM - the most trusted name in critical communications.  Our mission is to provide the most Rugged, Resilient and Robust Public Safety and Utility communications solutions that are backed by the most Responsive, Reliable, and Relentless implementation and support. 

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Mobile and Security Video Solutions

In-car video solutions protect officers and the general public.  Many cities are also incorporating managed security video solutions for public buildings, parking ramps, intersections and more!

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Mobile Area Networks

Extend your office to your vehicle and create mobile networks on-scene that will allow you to share critical information.

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What do you need? 

RACOM can be your source for communication solutions and vehicle upfits for Public Safety, Public Services and Utilities.

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In-building Coverage

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) are available to provide communication coverage within larger buildings and underground structures.

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Vehicle Storage Solutions

Keep your vehicle organized and safe with standard and customized storage solutions from MobileStrong and C-Tech Mfg.

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Computers, Tablets and Mounts

Ruggedized tablets and computers, printers and scanners, docking stations and mounts for public safety and utilities.

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Vehicle Consoles

Get new mounting packages specifically designed for the most common public safety vehicles.  These packages work in conjunction with our docking stations and laptop mounts.

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Mobile and Portable Radios

We can help you choose from a variety of  mobile and portable radio options to serve your application and protect your wallet.

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RACOM Installations

Ever wonder what's different about working with RACOM?  Give us a try and experience it for yourself!

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Mobile Broadband Access

Mobile routers provide you the network connectivity you need to be productive in your mobile office and on a scene.

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Vehicle Upfits - Power Distribution Unit

Adding the proper power distribution unit to your vehicle upfit will protect your vehicle and the expensive equipment you just put in it

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Comprehensive, 2nd half of the 911

We provide the 2nd half of the 911 equation... all the technologies you need to respond quickly and safely - from NextGen E9-1-1 Call-Taking to Call-Recording, Mapping, Fire Alerting, Radio Dispatch, Time Synchronization, Video Security, to Warning Lights and Sirens and complete squad builds.

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Command Center Furniture

Beautify your work environment and get maximum productivity from your resources.  The most beautiful can also be the best value with our customized furniture that's built to last and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

RACOM provides the most reliable Conventional, P25 and DMR communication systems for Public Safety, Public Services, Utility and Industrial Users.

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Next Generation E9-1-1 Call Taking Solutions

Choose from the industry's top brands for best performance and value.  Implemented and supported by the nation's best and most experienced technicians

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Radio Dispatch Consoles

Give your dispatchers what they need - reliability and ease-of-use.

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Recorders, Time Clocks and Mapping

We provide the 2nd half of the 911 equation.  Once the telephone companies deliver the 911 call to your door, we provide all public safety solutions  for your response - from E911 Call-taking to Recording, Mapping, Fire Alerting, Radio Dispatch, Time Synch, Video Security, Warning Lights and Sirens and complete squad builds.

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Fire Station and Personnel Alerting

Unacceptable paging coverage, delays and reliability are problems you can solve with our digital fire alerting solutions.

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24x7 Live Network Monitoring and Support

The public relies upon your availability around the clock, shouldn't someone be making sure your communication lines are up before you get each call? RACOM is there 24x7x365.

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The RACOM Story

The RACOM Story

What does RACOM do? We design, sell, install and maintain all of the technologies used in the “second half of the 911 response equation.”

We handle everything from the time an emergency dispatcher answers a 911 call, to the time police, fire and ambulances arrive on scene; from specialized phone systems, pagers, radios and voice recorders, to warning lights and sirens. 

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RACOM is honored to serve as the L3Harris® Regional Center of Excellence — one of only two in the world — selected as the distribution, project implementation and, customer support partner for the upper-Midwest and Pacific Northwest.


We’re also one of only three Tait Master Distribution Partners in the world. We provide design, distribution, implementation, and technical support services to Tait customers for over half of the United States.




L3Harris has more than 80 years of experience in public safety and professional communications and supports over 500 systems around the world.

They're a leading supplier of communications systems and equipment that connect, inform and protect public safety, federal, utility, commercial and transportation markets.

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Tait's vision is to create safer, more proactive organizations by redefining the boundaries of critical communications.

Headquartered in Christchurch New Zealand with offices worldwide, Tait has 50 years' experience in radio and is passionate about the future of critical communications. Technology is always changing, and this excites Tait because it means better results for their customers. They love solving problems and approach each one with innovative, customer-focused thinking. Their aim is to be at the cutting edge, to give customers reliable tools that provide positive change to the way their organization works.

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industry-leading solutions

Advanced Technology

BeOn App by Harris

The BeOn® mobile app by L3Harris® is public safety’s most advanced P25-compatible push-to-talk app.

BeOn is the app that gives public safety access to the functions of their Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks—on standard smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Traditional radio users now have an affordable option to extend their Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications far beyond the boundaries of regional radio systems while greatly enhancing their effectiveness through BeOn’s advanced feature set.

More About BeOn Mobile App

We proudly partner with local, state and federal agencies to help interconnect them across one common communication channel – we've named it the Shared Area Radio Network (SARA) Network.

The Shared Area Radio Agreement (SARA) Network incorporates over 300 agency users and 12,000 radios, and it is continually growing. Having owned, built and operated large, interoperable, public-safety networks since 1994, RACOM is the nation's premier systems integrator with the knowledge and expertise to design, build, and maintain your critical communications infrastructure.

More About The SARA Network

Our Services

Choosing your communications partner is as much about the relationship and the support services as it is about the products themselves.

Analysis & Recommendations

Maybe your system is old, subject to new regulations, or even new but not meeting all your needs.  Before you make any new investments, it’s beneficial to bring in some expertise to help you identify where you are and your options for the future. 

FCC Licensing

Working within the FCC requirements is essential, but the process can be trying. It helps to turn to a trusted partner who’s been down that road before. We’re specialists and we've helped hundreds of agencies obtain or modify FCC licenses. 

Inventory & Planning

It’s routine for organizations to do inventory of what they sell, but rarely do we see agencies keeping record of what they own.  A thorough inventory is a first step in any upgrade, and it can be followed by a process to help you manage assets moving forward.

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