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Our Approach

Our company history spans six decades, back to our earliest days when we started off as a local dealer. A key part of our DNA today, we remain keenly aware of the strategic advantages and unique needs of critical communications dealers, and a key part of our formula for success has been empowering the growth of local and regional dealer partners through our value-added distribution services. We take very seriously our commitment to always ensuring our interests remain aligned with yours; just ask any of the hundred-plus dealers in our network. Whether providing complementary sales engineering support to give you an extra advantage during a competitive bid, expediting service and product shipment through our robust, data-driven inventory program, or simply serving as a highly responsive interface across our range of manufacturing partners to get the responses you need while remaining competitive in your sales opportunity, we are here to empower you every step of the way.


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Engineering Support

Engineering Support

  • Dealers who join RACOM's network receive fully complementary support from our entire team of sales engineers, allowing you to have a strategic edge against your competition in a competitive sale, or simply in terms of expanding your service offering to incumbent customers.

  • As specific issues arise, our team of systems engineers, network engineers, and implementation engineers stand ready to bolster your edge in the sales process while helping your team tackle larger challenges throughout your customer lifecycle.

  • We meet you wherever your needs are, ranging from fully outsourced engineering support to one-off, detail-intensive RF engineering support needs.

Manufacturer Facilitation

Manufacturer Facilitation

  • RACOM – and by association, its extended dealer network – has the benefit of working with dozens of the leading manufacturers in the critical communications industry.

  • Often, the size and decision-making processes of manufacturers do not lend themselves to the rapid responses required for our dealer partners to get the information they need in the time needed to capture a sale.

  • All of our dealers receive the fully complementary support of our best-in-class Customer Success Team, focused not simply on ensuring your success on very technically detailed transactions, but also in ensuring your specific needs are met – and quickly – every time you pick up the phone.

Advanced Inventory Program

Advanced Inventory Program

  • To better serve our dealers, RACOM maintains one of the most comprehensive inventory programs in the entire critical communications industry.

  • We understand well the high-mix, low-volume nature of sales in the critical communications industry, and leverage advanced data sets to appropriately meet dealer needs.

  • With millions of SKU configurations and kits along dozens of vendor lines immediately shippable from our facilities, our dealers maintain the ability to rapidly react to market opportunities.

Success Stories

Dealers trust Eastern for the industry's best technical sophistication, reliability, and security. Read more about our dealers' successes below.

Upsizing an Eastern Dealer's Offering to Help Dealer Secure a System Sale

An Eastern dealer secured a system sale with their local metropolitan transit agency, closing the deal with Eastern's sales engineering support (provided at no cost to all Eastern dealers). Throughout the successful implementation, the dealer leveraged Eastern's system engineering support - to include assistance on equipment sourced from different channels. Backed by Eastern, the dealer was able to support a customer too large to handle alone, and in turn enhanced their own regional credibility for subsequent opportunities.

Delivering on an End User's New Year's Day Needs in Support of an Eastern Dealer

An Eastern dealer received an urgent call from their end user at noon on New Year's Eve; there had been a change in operational plans for New Year's Day, and they needed some unanticipated, highly unique communications gear for their security teams to properly function the next day. Later that afternoon, the dealer arrived at Eastern to pick up fully configured, difficult-to-source equipment for delivery to the end user that evening, allowing the customer to maintain a full security posture on New Year's Day, which reflected extremely well on the dealer.

Last-Minute, Instant Support for Eastern Dealer to Meet Shifting End User Timeline

A dealer helping integrate the public safety communications system at a leading US airport found themselves surprised with a sudden, radical change in timeline due to oversight by the end user. Without instant coverage testing and sophisticated follow-up engineering, the opening of an entire airport terminal was at risk of delay. Strained on technical internal capacity, the dealer turned to Eastern, who unhesitatingly jumped into action in support of the dealer and scaled the dealer's capabilities, successfully impacting a major transportation hub with meaningful security requirements.

Where We Work

RACOM's exclusive channel partners comprise our primary dealer network, and we serve customers nationally with our extensive network of partners. Wherever your communication needs exist in the United States, RACOM and our team of partners stand ready to provide technical expertise and localized, on-site support.

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