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Our Approach

RACOM serves customers along the entire spectrum of RF communication sophistication, from those who prefer a fully outsourced model to those who have in-house technical expertise; we meet and support you wherever you are. As a meaningful value add to our dealers and end users who already have in-house engineering and technician support teams, we offer an Implementation Assurance program, allowing them to tackle sophisticated issues that have the potential to scale beyond their team, knowing RACOM is present as a technical backstop. Whether seeking support on design, racking and stacking, staging, or factory acceptance testing on multisite and simulcast systems nationwide, many of our dealers and customers have tapped into new markets and capabilities by leveraging RACOM’s plug-and-play service offerings.

Decades of Wireless Communications Support

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Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

  • Mitigate your organization’s risk when installing, configuring, or maintaining complex critical communication systems.

  • Navigate challenges with P25, DMR or a range of protocols with RACOM as your technical partner.

  • We augment your team, providing “white label” services while you remain the face to the end user.

Installation & Integration

Installation & Integration

  • Your technicians can benefit from RACOM’s “plug and play” solutions that facilitate easier, faster, and risk-mitigated field deployment.

  • Clients can use our facilities for remote or on-site Factory Acceptance Testing with customers. Simply ship your equipment to us, and we will configure it on-site for direct customer testing, accommodating as little – or as much – involvement as your team desires.

  • Support is available wherever you need it, from entire systems down to individual sub-systems, including microwave links, console systems, antenna systems, and DC power systems.

Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support

  • Once your system, sub-system, or equipment is deployed and operational, we provide follow-on training for your technicians so that you can continue to confidently support your customers and provide ongoing maintenance to your end users or broader organization.

  • For dealers, white label maintenance contracts are also available, leveraging RACOM’s capabilities and expertise in support of your organization over the long haul, allowing your organization to continue building trust and confidence with your end users.

Success Stories

Customers trust Eastern for the industry's best technical sophistication, reliability, and security. Read more about our customers' successes below.

9/11/2001: A Defining Moment

On September 11, 2001, a main communications site for a major police department sat atop the World Trade Center and was destroyed. Given its redundant, resilient design, the entire citywide network self-healed, and by September 12, Eastern had relocated and fully operationalized another site for full coverage of Manhattan from the top of the Chrysler Building.

Installation, Maintenance, and Cybersecurity for One of Nation's Largest Radio Systems

The police force of a major US transit authority was facing meaningful coverage challenges given the sheer size of their area of responsibility relative to the size of their force - all while placing a premium on retaining control and responsibility for their own private networks. Eastern assisted their communications team in installing and commissioning one of the largest 700 MHz systems in the US, providing the transit authority full, localized control of their communications, backed by ongoing 24/7/365 maintenance support from Eastern and its partners.

Maintaining Elevated Security Posture Through System Migration

A federal entity tasked with safeguarding critical national infrastructure found itself hampered by a decades-long relationship with vendors interested in maintaining proprietary, non-interoperable communications. Eastern facilitated a smooth transition to interoperable, multi-vendor, P25-compliant technology with zero disruption to frontline operators, and now provides the on-site communications team with ongoing, 24/7/365 cybersecurity support services.

Delivering Custom Manufactured Solutions to Meet Strict Environmental Requirements

A major US transportation system had a highly specialized equipment need, unable to find a critical part that met stringent Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) requirements. Unable to find any vendor capable of providing a workable solution, the end user reached out to Eastern, who took the time to process and understand operational needs and delivered a one-of-a-kind solution to their pain point.

Technical Expertise Solves An Unsolvable Coverage Problem

A leading national railway had worked with a series of third parties unsuccessfully attempting to solve a particularly technically challenging gap in their coverage area. After being referred to Eastern as a last resort, Eastern stepped in and successfully triaged the situation through a deep technical analysis and bespoke hardware and software solution.

Unifying Disparate Systems Into a Unified, Cybersecure Platform

A leading national utilities provider encountered integration challenges with their communications networks as they consolidated several smaller, regional providers. Partnering with Eastern, the utility was able to integrate a multi-state private voice and data network to homogenize their platform and provide an easily scalable, rapid solution for both further expansion and surge capacity in future crisis response, all with ongoing 24/7/365 cybersecurity support from Eastern.

Instant, Off-Hour Support for Maintenance of a Critical Backup Core

At 10:30 PM on Saturday evening, a regional utilities provider had technical complications with the backup core of their 900 MHz data system. The utility's communication shop was escalated and connected to the appropriate engineering team at Eastern. Before midnight, the dispatched Eastern engineer had concluded on-site support, successfully restoring the backup network core to full operations.

Upsizing an Eastern Dealer's Offering to Help Dealer Secure a System Sale

An Eastern dealer secured a system sale with their local metropolitan transit agency, closing the deal with Eastern's sales engineering support (provided at no cost to all Eastern dealers). Throughout the successful implementation, the dealer leveraged Eastern's system engineering support - to include assistance on equipment sourced from different channels. Backed by Eastern, the dealer was able to support a customer too large to handle alone, and in turn enhanced their own regional credibility for subsequent opportunities.

Where We Work

RACOM's exclusive channel partners comprise our primary dealer network, and we serve customers nationally with our extensive network of partners. Wherever your communication needs exist in the United States, RACOM and our team of partners stand ready to provide technical expertise and localized, on-site support.

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