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Fire & EMS

  • Mission critical, NFPA-compliant solutions for every environment where lives are at risk.
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In a burning building or emergency medical situation, reliable communications that withstand the hottest and most corrosive environments can mean the difference between life and death. RACOM proudly partners with L3Harris to offer the first radio and speaker microphone in history designed to the National Fire Protection Association’s 1802 standard for radio, shepherding in a new age of performance excellence in two-way voice communications.


Our breadth of capabilities offers full-service solutions for fire departments & EMS teams alike. From individual subscribers to full system upgrades and long-term managed support, our expert team stops at nothing to drive first-time, every-time communication reliability.

Managed & Support Services

RACOM’s customer-specific coverage levels range from basic device replacement to full scale, 24/7/365 on-site response plans. For fire departments and EMS teams of all sizes, RACOM is your “easy button," providing expert maintenance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Engineering & System Design

In the technically demanding realm of mission critical communications, RACOM is recognized as one of the premier service providers in the United States. Whether leveraging our niche expertise to tackle an unsolvable RF challenges on legacy systems, or collaborating to develop an uninterrupted path towards upgrade, RACOM is there for our partners in fire and EMS.

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Implementation Assurance

Whether working directly with communications shops within fire departments, or supporting our dealers who are servicing their local fire and EMS customers, we regularly serve as a technical backstop for our customers, helping them take on increasingly larger and more complex challenges on their own, developing stronger in-house expertise while ensuring mission success along the way.

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Cybersecurity Support Services

As increasingly interconnected systems process ever-growing data streams, there is no one blanket solution for cybersecurity. RACOM stands ready to harden your network specifically against RF-enabled cyberattacks, with ongoing monitoring and quarterly update services to help ensure defense in depth from a wireless perspective against malicious activity.

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Our customers care about one thing above all else: knowing they can communicate wherever – and whenever – the mission calls. For fire departments in particular, we are proud to offer the first radio and speaker microphone in history designed to the National Fire Protection Association’s 1802 standard for radio, engineered specifically to withstand direct exposure to many of the elements and conditions you encounter in harm’s way.

Success Stories

Fire Departments & EMS teams alike trust Eastern Communications for the industry's best technical sophistication, reliability, and security. Read more about our customers' successes below.

Surviving a Direct Lightning Strike

A regionally significant East Coast county fire authority received a 4 AM lighting strike at their command post, wiping out the use of their dispatch console. Leveraging their maintenance relationship with Eastern, technicians and engineers were on site in less than an hour. Deploying a vehicular dispatch console, Eastern assisted the end user in wiring the functioning vehicle dispatch console into the command post, providing an immediate stop gap measure to sustain operations while a new replacement console was sourced and prepped for installation.

Sophisticated Migration with Minimal Operator Impact

A city-wide system in the Mid-Atlantic heavily relied upon by local fire and EMS reached out to Eastern to solve long-term interference issues. By creatively leveraging in-place resources and the unique topography of the surrounding area, Eastern helped the end user migrate from legacy, proprietary technology to an open-standard, interoperable P25 platform with zero operational impact to local units.

Where We Work

RACOM's exclusive channel partners comprise our primary dealer network, and we serve customers nationally with our extensive network of partners. Wherever your communication needs exist in the United States, RACOM and our team of partners stand ready to provide technical expertise and localized, on-site support.

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