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Our customers care about one thing above all else: knowing they can communicate wherever – and whenever – the mission calls. RACOM's best-in-class products and exceptional infrastructure ensure the ability to meet your needs, from day-to-day operations to life-saving circumstances.

RF Infrastructure

  • For certain end users, critical communications are just that: critical. As such, a more reliable, robust, and secure solution than commercial telecommunications infrastructure is a must. RACOM's offering of RF infrastructure products meets critical end user needs from single site to state-wide regional communication and data networks.

Broadband Solutions

  • As the confluence of narrowband and broadband technologies empower stronger, more redundant communications, converged devices and networks play an increasingly important role in the toolkit of critical communications stakeholders. RACOM’s product portfolio is designed to meet all of your converged private network interoperability needs.

Command Center

  • From 9-1-1 PSAPs to Critical Infrastructure Network Operations Centers, real-time command and control of your communications networks - and more importantly, the men and women in the field they support - is an absolute must. RACOM provides dispatch consoles, interoperability solutions, and a host of related technologies to ensure situational awareness and control for command staff.

User Devices

  • Networks built to ensure communications in all circumstances mean nothing if operators’ devices fail in the field. RACOM sells and programs a wide range of communication devices and accessories to meet the needs of all critical operators to ensure safe and secure mission completion, whether running into a burning building, fixing an overhead powerline in the middle of a flood, or responding to a hostile situation.


Where We Work

RACOM's exclusive channel partners comprise our primary dealer network, and we serve customers nationally with our extensive network of partners. Wherever your communication needs exist in the United States, RACOM and our team of partners stand ready to provide technical expertise and localized, on-site support.

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