Terry Brennan

Vice President

Terry Brennan

Terry has been with RACOM since 2001 and is responsible for sales, marketing, and business development. Some of his largest projects include P25 Systems for Johnson, Linn and Black Hawk counties in Iowa, the (Sprint-Nextel) rebanding of RACOM's 800 MHz network, and the establishment of RACOM as one of five Harris Regional Centers of Excellence and Master Distributors, covering 11 states throughout the Midwest.

Other focus areas include the implementation of several dozen NextGen E911 systems and representation on Zetron's Advisory Board for all control room solutions since 2011.  Most recently, RACOM also partnered with Swissphone as their master distributor to bring enhanced paging and alerting solutions to the US that dramatically improve coverage and response times for fire and EMS services.  Black Hawk County, Iowa is the first in the US to adopt this next generation technology and will be leading a national migration from analog to a new digital technology.

Terry graduated with distinction from the University of Cincinnati in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Upon graduation provided X-ray, CT and MRIs to hospitals in Alabama as part of the GE Medical Systems Business Group. After relocating to Iowa he spent the next several years in sales management for software companies PTC (specializing in 3D product development software) and Ariba (eCommerce/eBusiness). Outside of work, Terry served on the CrimeStopper’s board and actively coached youth sports in the Iowa City area where he and his wife Susan raise three children: Ryan (1996), Molly (2000), and Lucie (2002).

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