SARA Network

What is the SARA Network?

The Shared Area Radio Agreement (SARA) Network is the best mix of Local Ownership and Control combined with wide-area Coverage and Interoperability

Throughout Iowa and parts of surrounding states, RACOM has partnered with local agencies to own and control their own L3Harris P25 radio systems, while maintaining compatibility with the state-owned and managed ISICS Network.

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The SARA Network Benefit

RACOM's P25 system from L3Harris has consistently demonstrated superior indoor portable coverage, better interoperability and lower costs than expansion of the Motorola/ISICS Network owned by the State. It's been chosen by 7 of the 8 largest counties in Iowa, as well as several counties with populations under 25,000.  Each county system is designed specifically for that county to meet their public safety needs

Complete Coverage

You’re also fully interoperable with other agencies on the network. It’s ideal for cooperation among counties, wide-area task forces or other endeavors that include more than one agency each with wide-area coverage requirements 

And the network supports all brands of Project 25 (P25) radios and consoles which only increases the list of benefits to the users. The SARA Network incorporates over 300 agency users and over 12,000 radios

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Proven Partners

Because we have owned and managed a large public-safety network since 1994, we have first-hand knowledge of the critical elements of operating, maintaining and supporting networks and customers.  Every aspect of our service and support is Public Safety Grade.

That makes us an ideal partner to support your own network. You'll have the very best network monitoring of your system 24 x 7 x 365, and all of your support calls will be answered live by a RACOM employee (no answering service or voicemail). Comprehensive maintenance is included, so you won't have to worry about hidden expenses or unplanned charges.  Consider RACOM and the SARA Network for all public-safety communications in Iowa

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